CMC S19HD Spider Lift

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CMC S19HD Spider Lift

“Impressive side reach, so stable and secure!”, this is the first reaction and comment from everyone that takes a ride on the heavy duty S19 Spider Lift.

It features an extremely compact stabilisation area with full side reach, including the ability to self level on steep sloped floors and terrain. In addition, the S19HD is also capable of setting up in “narrow mode”, with an even smaller footprint. This special feature means reduced outreach, however the lift is still capable of full 360° rotation and full vertical height. Designed and built with a configuration of one lower riser pantograph and two-telescopic boom extensions, the S19HD has a 200kg basket capacity and 180° basket rotation, with close to 19m of working height. Compact dimensions of 0.95m W x 2.04m H means access to virtually any work area.

Equipped with a double stabilisation area and articulated outriggers capable of raising the entire lift approximately 1.5m in height, allowing safer lift self loading onto a truck chassis, avoiding the need to use cumbersome loading and unloading ramps. Easy to use control system with multiple toggles allows for a smooth, comfortable and safe operator ride. Quiet diesel engine/240v electric hydraulic power pack is standard. Also available with hybrid power source. Internet connectable control system allows for quick remote diagnostics and corrections which means less expensive maintenance.

  • Max working height: 18.7m
  • Max working outreach (with 80kg): 11m
  • Max outreach, edge of the basket (with 200kg): 7.6m
  • Max basket capacity: 200kg
  • Turret rotation: +/-360°
  • Basket rotation: +90° / -87°
  • (P) Max slope to stabilise: 15° / 27%
  • (W) Max angle approach: 30° / 57%
  • (X) Max travel slope: 17° / 30%
  • Max travel speed: 1.8km/h
  • (A) Basket height: 1.10m
  • (B) Basket width: 0.70m
  • (C) Basket length: 1.40m
  • (D) Total length: 4.90m
  • (F) Height in driving position: 2.04m
  • (G) Total width (without basket): 0.95m
  • (H) Free height from the ground: 0.18m
  • (I) Tracks (LxW): 1.75 x 0.25m
  • (J) Maximum longitudinal stabilisation: 4.20m
  • (K) Maximum cross stabilisation: 3.50m
  • (N) Minimum longitudinal stabilisation: 3.50m
  • (O) Minimum cross stabilisation: 2.75m
  • Stabilisers plate: 0.18m
  • Total weight: 2,970kg
  • Max pressure on the foot: 7.07kg/cm²
  • Max pressure on the track: 0.17kg/cm²
  • Max pressure in travel: 600kg/m²
  • Max pressure in work: 234kg/m²


  • Engine: Kubota Diesel
  • Electric motor: 240v 15amp 2.2kw

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