CMC S25 Spider Lift

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CMC S25 Spider Lift

Equipped with many exceptional time saving features, this reliable 25 m working height lift has an impressive 14 m outreach.

The S25 is a self-propelled tracked aerial platform, designed with 1 articulating/1 telescopic lower boom and 1 articulating/2 telescopic upper booms, plus an articulating jib on the end. This combination allows for best work manoeuvrability and outreach. A quick release 180° rotating basket with triple safety locks rounds out this great lift that is a pleasure to work with. Standard basket size is 1.70 m wide. Other smaller basket sizes are also available to best fit your application.

The S25 comes equipped standard with two stabilisation areas and 6 possible outrigger configurations. With incredibly compact dimensions of 1.01m x 2.045m x 6.05 m (WxHxL), in the closed travel position, this serious aerial work platform is capable of entering virtually any door. Quiet diesel engine/240v electric hydraulic power pack is standard. Also available with hybrid power source. The CMC S25 takes the place of the best-seller S24, improving its performance and reliability!

  • Max working height: 25m
  • Max working outreach (80kg): 14m
  • Max outreach, edge of the basket (with 230kg): 11.5m
  • Max basket capacity: 230kg
  • Jib movement: 90°
  • Turret rotation: +/-360°
  • Basket rotation: +/-90°
  • (P) Max slope to stabilise: 15° / 27%
  • Height / width tracks adjustment: 0.18m
  • (W) Max angle approach: 14° / 25%
  • (X) Max travel slope: 19° / 34%
  • Max travel speed: 1.5km/h
  • (A) Basket height: 1.10m
  • (B) Basket width: 0.70m
  • (C) Basket length: 1.40m
  • (D) Total length: 6.70m
  • (E) Total length without basket: 6.05m
  • (F) Height in driving position: 2.045m
  • (G) Total width (without basket): 1.01m
  • (H) Free height from the ground: 0.36m
  • (I) Tracks (LxW): 1.75 x 0.25m
  • (J) Maximum longitudinal stabilisation: 6.65m
  • (K) Maximum cross stabilisation: 4.40m
  • (N) Minimum longitudinal stabilisation: 5.16m
  • (O) Minimum cross stabilisation: 2.70m
  • (Q) Max track height from ground: 0.96m
  • Stabilisers plate: 0.24m
  • Total weight: 3,850kg
  • (R) Max pressure on the foot: 5.28kg/cm²
  • Max pressure on the track: 0.24kg/cm²
  • Max pressure in travel: 717kg/m²
  • Max pressure in work (4 feet open): 128kg/m²
  • Max pressure in work (4 feet closed): 191kg/m²
  • Max pressure in work (2 feet open + 2 feet closed): 154kg/m²


  • Engine: Kubota Diesel
  • Electric motor: 240v 15amp 2.2kw

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