CMC S41 Spider Lift

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CMC S41 Spider Lift

The CMC S41 Spider Lift is our largest and highest reach self propelled aerial work platform with 19m lateral outreach and 200kg basket capacity.

Minimum travel dimensions are 240cm x 2.1m x 8.5m (HxWxL). Three stabilisation area dimensions allow for stabilisation as compact as 3.99m x 7.58m min area dimensions. Smooth, easy to use control system with multiple toggles allows for a comfortable and safe operator ride. Internet connectable control system means quick remote diagnostics and corrections, resulting in less expensive maintenance.

The S41 work platform is built with 6 telescopic booms and articulating extendable telescopic jib, with 180° rotatable and removable basket. Rotatable outriggers with special articulated “knees” allow for an extremely compact travel package. Hybrid power, quiet diesel engine and 380v three-phase electric hydraulic power pack for indoor use is standard.

  • Max working height: 41.0m
  • Max lifting height: 39m
  • Max work outreach: 16.0m
  • Platform capacity: 200kgs
  • Turret rotation: Continuous
  • Boom rotation: 360°
  • Basket rotation: +/-90°
  • Articulating jib: 90°
  • Stabiliser base area (min): 3.99 x 7.58m
  • Platform basket: 2 x 0.8 x 1.1m
  • Minimum length: 8.5m
  • Minimum width: 2.1m
  • Minimum height: 2.4m
  • Gross weight: 13,400kgs
  • Huge height and horizontal outreach
  • Hatz Silenced Engine
  • Remote Control Station
  • MEWP Performance Control / Info Display
  • “Dead Man” Safety Device In Basket
  • Internet Connectable Control System

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