Earth Drills for Mini Excavator 2T to 5T

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Earth Drills for Mini Excavator 2T to 5T

Like all planetary drives in our line-up they are over engineered and built to last, giving you the same versatility, peace of mind and product quality you’d expect from all Auger Torque products. Developed to work with all makes and models of parent machine, and complemented with a range of attachments, you will find an earth drill and attachment for your every need. With the versatility to easily switch between attachments depending on the job at hand, you can be sure that your Auger Torque Earth Drill will deliver, time and again.

Height: 665 mm

Width: 244 mm

Weight: 71kg


Forged hood ears

Standard with all Earth Drills in areas that we know will take a lot of
strain. All hood pins are locked for extra safety making it impossible for
the hood to detach from your hitch.

Epicyclic gearbox

Torque is amplified by using the unique Auger Torque planetary gearbox. This
system allows the motors output torque to be multiplied with extreme
efficiency as well as ensuring the durability and reliability you need.

Non-dislodgement shaft

Unique to Auger Torque, the Non-Dislodgement Shaft is a single piece drive
shaft assembled top down and locked into the Earth Drill housing. This
design guarantees that the shaft will never fall out, making for a safer
work environment, not only for the operator but also any surrounding
workers, a MUST-HAVE FEATURE for any safety conscious company.

Carrier Weight
Truck Crane
Oil Pressure Range 80 – 240 Bar
Torque Range 959 – 2877 Nm
Oil Flow Range 27 – 75 lpm
Speed Range 36 – 100 rpm
Hub Options 65mm Round
Height 665 mm
Width 244 mm
Weight 71kg
Hitch Options >Single Pin Hitch
Double Pin Hitch
Cradle Hitch
Auger Range S4
Rec. Drilling Diameter Range 100 – 600 mm

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