Sinoboom AB25J

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Max. Working Height: 26.6m

Platform Capacity: 230kg

Weight: 17,150kg


  • Oscillating function
  • 7-in display screen
  • 4WD × 2WS
  • Proportional control with 3 joysticks
  • Hydraulic platform leveling
  • 160° Platform rotation
  • Max tilt rating to 5°
  • 2.44 m(8′) platform with swing gate
  • Non-marking tires
  • Secondary guarding system
  • Half Mesh
  • Telematics-ready connector
  • White noise alarm
  • Lockable battery isolator


  • AC power to platform
  • Harness tube
  • Wheel nut indicator
  • Fire extinguisher
  • Full mine spec
POWERFUL OFF-ROAD PERFORMANCE 40%-45% gradeability, proprietary patented technology for anti-skid
control to ensure a strong off-road capability
SMART MAINTENANCE Smart 7″ screen display, fault and status information display for easy
viewing of machine status and fault diagnosis, parameters and settings
PRECISION PERFORMANCE 3 joysticks with variable proportional control, boom swing, boom extension, turntable rotation and walking speed, smooth start and stop motion, accuracy in reaching the operation target
SAFE AND RELIABLE Secure and reliable folding arm, luffing operation with hydraulic
interlocking, and hydraulic-connection body leveling

Simple and reliable hydraulic platform leveling

OPERATING EFFICIENCY The working platform can be lifted and lowered to any position without
the need to operate the folding arm.

Quick platform ascent and descent

Max Platform Height 24.6m
Max Working Height 26.6m
Max Horizontal Extension 16.1m
Length-Stowed 11.51m
Height-Stowed 3.2m
Width-Stowed 2.49m
Wheelbase 3.05m
Ground Clearance 0.39m
Platform Dimensions 2.44×0.91×1.1 m
Platform Capacity(Unrestricted/2 Persons) 230kg
Turntable Rotation 360° continuous
Platform Rotation 160°
Drive Speed-Stowed 4.4km/h
Drive Speed-Raised 1.1km/h
Gradeability 45%
Turning Radius-Inside- 3.0m
Turning Radius-Outside 6.33m
Turntable Tailswing 1m
Tilt Rating
Drive×Steer 4WD×2WS
Tyres Spec/Type 385/65-22.5 (non-marking)
Power source(optional) 54 kW/2400 rpm/QSF2.8t3TC72/ Cummins /China T3/EU Stage 3A
Auxiliary Power Unit 12V DC
Fuel Tank Capacity-Diesel 140L
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 180L
Weight 17,150 kg
Standards Compliance AS/NZS1418

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