Rayco RG27 27hp Petrol Stump Grinder

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Rayco RG27 27hp Petrol Stump Grinder

The Rayco RG27 stump grinder is one of the original self-propelled, backyard stump grinders that professionals have relied on since 1986.

The RG27 comes with a powerful 27hp petrol Vanguard engine. To maximise visibility while cutting, the RG27 has its drivetrain located on the far side of the cutter wheel. Rayco’s exclusive, swing-out control station gives operators the best view while cutting and swings in-line with the machine for travel through gates.

Wide, floatation tyres with bar tread give the RG27 a firm grip on the terrain, and dual wheels can be added for extra stability. Rayco’s exclusive slewing ring pivot design lowers the centre of gravity and lets the RG27 cut at maximum depth across the whole swing path.

  • Slewing ring pivot design increases cutting width
  • Full cutting depth across entire width of cut
  • Lower centre of gravity
  • Wide tyres for enhanced traction and floatation
  • Swing-out operator station for better visibility
  • Controls swing in-line for travel through gates
  • Vanguard 27 hp Petrol engine with heavy duty air filter
  • Centrifugal precleaner
  • Hydraulic backfill blade (Option)
  • Optional dual rear wheels & Command Cut
  • Weight: 803 kg
  • Length: 290 cm
  • Hood Height: 94 cm
  • Maximum Height: 132 cm
  • Width: 89 cm
  • Width W/ Dual Wheels: 133 cm
  • Engine: 27 hp Vanguard
  • Fuel Type: Petrol
  • Ground Drive: Single Speed
  • Fuel Tank: 24.6 L
  • Super Tooth®: 18 total
  • Clutch: Electromagnetic with Wheel Brakes
  • Cutter Wheel: 43.82 cm x 3 cm
  • Cutting Depth: 30 cm
  • Cutting Height: 62.2 cm
  • Cutting Width: 130 cm

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